How to Do Tricks on a BMX Bike for Beginners

Cool BMX buy wheels and practice new tricks

Ride BMX is not just a sport, it’s a setting. The skating scene, include also the BMX riders, is now followed by a strongly established youth scene in Germany, that their very own style. Skaters listen to special music, wear special clothes and place particular emphasis on a well-maintained handling together. The sport is but in any BMX riders, skateboarders or inline skaters too short.

BMX bikes are very special bikes. They are not built to cover more distance with them. A wheel of this type is built for tricks and jumps to practice and to make the show. The frame of a BMX wheel must be extremely robust. High jumps and the weight of the driver, load the bike part very strongly. Because the sport is not just safe, comply with the wheels of always very high safety standards. Smallest defects can cause nasty falls and serious injury. To avoid this, must, for example, the brakes a BMX wheel always properly and be checked regularly. Another important feature of such gear is the revolving 360 ° front axle. This special feature of the bike is necessary for the elaborate and sometimes breathtaking tricks of the BMX rider. Also the cross tubes attached to the front wheel are the exciting tricks and jumps.

BMX bikes are so very special bikes for a specific sport. Of course you can take the bikes also like any other normal. The low saddle and the low frame height make this but rather an uncomfortable issue. Want you but rather to practice jumping and tricks, a BMX indispensable is cycling. The sport is lots of fun and promoting at the same time, stamina and creativity.

Cool BMX wheels waiting for you

BMX wheels formed 40 years ago in the United States, when children tried acrobatic feats with their bikes, to there their idols from the Motocross sport to do the same. This modified normal bicycles with wide tires and motorcycle handlebars. These prototypes developed the now famous BMX wheels, which are suitable for use in difficult terrain and daring jumps over mounds of Earth and the like. The selection on the market is characterized by a great variety, therefore you should look for when buying mainly due to a high quality finish.

By the large load of BMX wheels and the enormous forces that act in daring jumps and tricks on the construction, especially stability is an important prerequisite of the material. As a BMX bike is used mainly for use in the grounds and the fun factor clearly in the foreground, it is rather unsuitable for normal road traffic. With the right wheel, you can properly play on a challenging course and thereby perform many different tricks with a little practice. Our wide range of BMX wheels promises a variety of different models of different designs to meet your needs.

When buying BMX bikes, you must first of all consider what exactly the new wheel to make. This depends for example what tires you should choose. To choose, BMX riders are the five categories of “Race”, “Flatland”, “Street”, “Park” and “Dirt”. The discipline Street is the most popular in this country. One is including not only the classic driving on the road but includes also stair railing and the like. For this purpose, almost smooth tires are best suited.

BMX should have wheels for Racing tyres with a tunnel profile. The areas of flatland and Park are to assign the freestyle BMX. Wheels with pegs are essential for Freestyle tricks. Wheels for flatland riders have a shorter wheelbase and generally a longer Seatpost. If you want to try a bar spin, then you need a rotor for the brake cables. The BMX wheels wheel is exposed to a high stress through stunts. This should be very stable. For newcomers to the BMX sport, there are very good models under the BMX wheels. The facilities enable it to learn the basic tricks and jumps, without confusing with too many details.