How to Do Spiral Waves

You enjoy styling with vaporous waves or a sleek effect only on the toes movement? Follow our tutorial also suitable for a beginner
You cannot create hair with the waves without looking like a poodle just come out of a grooming salon? There are many ways to add motion to your strands. We found one that fits well even to a novice. To give to the mad joy is only a straightener.

You are ready? Here’s our tutorial to make different styling in a few moves. Start counting: 1,2,3 …

Waves tape vaporous

Step 1

Apply a product to protect your hair from the heat of the plate. Next to your face, take the long locks but little thick. He begins to work them distanziandoti from his face. Place your iron amidships and prizes for a few seconds to take the wave.

Step 2

Divide the hair into two sections: the upper part of the head and bottom. If you curl your hair only from mid-length, your look will be more relaxed.

Step 3

Dismantle the waves gently with your fingers.

S tep 4

Use hairspray to secure the ruffled effect.

Waves flattened tape

If you prefer less styling set, he realizes the waves just on the tip of the hair and leaves your hair, at the roots, smooth.

Step 1

Apply a product with a glossy finish on the hair roots to give a sleek effect and complete the only end hair waves.

Step 2

She pulls her hair behind her ears and fix them with clothes.

Step 3

With hands decompose hair to hide the clips and give a slightly messy effect.