How to Do Side Tail

At the party for the Golden Globe Awards, Emma Watson showed off a side tail very cool! Also copy the day!

What you need: a brush, a comb, a rubber band, a polishing and nourishing fluid, paper clips, the same hair color, hair spray fixative.

Step 1: With your hair washed and dried, passes a fluid that makes the hair shiny, all right argan oil or flaxseed oil. Distribute over the entire head of hair. With the comb do the line to the side.

Step 2: With the brush wears her hair to one side, as if it did take a ride around the neck. Do not flatten them and attach the tail with the rubber band. Take a thin lock of hair from underneath and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. If necessary, hold the hair fixing them with clips. Finally fixed with hairspray.

One more idea: it’s the ideal hairstyle to show off your new ear cuff.