How to Do Makeup for Night Wedding

If you’ve been invited to a wedding or will be the godmother and are wondering what type of makeup use, don’t worry because you are not alone. Most women are still undecided in choosing the best look to go to a wedding, especially when it came time to do the makeup. This question is very common, because marriage is a formal occasion, and depending on the time, costume, hair and makeup change completely.

For many guests and bridesmaids, the choice of makeup is a dilemma. After all, it’s a special occasion and it requires a more elegant look, especially if it is during the night. Weddings at night, usually asking for a bit more sophistication on the look, so the makeup can be more elaborate and dramatic. However, a few simple care are fundamental to make more balanced production.

So you don’t run the erring laugh on makeup for wedding night, check out the following several tips and suggestions of makes to rock this type of occasion!

Makeup tips for wedding night

  1. Don’t overdo it: That’s right. If you are only a guest or even the godmother, you don’t have to do an overproduction. Remember that the bride is the main attraction of the event, so you don’t need to exaggerate in visual, doesn’t it? However, there is no rule on how the guests must make up, but not to run the risk of making mistakes, the best option is to harmonise the clothes with the hair and makeup to keep the look overdone. Already the bridesmaids can opt for a more elaborate production, but without exaggeration.
  1. Do not combine your clothes with makeup: Many women still believe that need to combine with the rest of the makeup look described by However, this sets behind a long time ago. The best tip for you not to miss in the makeup for the wedding night, is to choose a makeup that enhances your traits and to balance your look. However, the tones of the products must perfectly match your skin tone.
  2. Choose the balance: without a doubt the best choice to not err in makeup for wedding night opt for balance. It is critical to get a good result at the end of production. Therefore, if you want to highlight your eyes, choose a lipstick as discreet as the nude. But if you’re going to use a vibrant lipstick like red, for example, use shadows more discreet. Take the opportunity to remove your Sephora discount coupon and purchase these and many other makeup products.

Makeup for wedding night walkthrough

After learning these simple tips on how to put on makeup for a wedding, here are some tutorials for you make several makes at home.

Glamorous makeup for wedding

Sophisticated wedding makeup

Joker makeup for wedding

For you have more ideas of options makes for that type of occasion, check out below several suggestions to inspire you!