How to Deal with the Jump in Excess of Dogs

Posted by Raquel Bersano in November 11, 2013-2 Comments

By Marília Vargas M., Citizen Dog Team Dressage Rider.

Your dog not to jump on you every time? When do the visits, you need to lock him up so he doesn’t jump on people? Despite the heat, your dog is still missing? Don’t despair! This is a simple case of being solved.

Oddly enough, who teaches the dog to jump this way are the owners themselves. As soon as the puppy comes home, the family thinks it’s funny when that little furry gives those skipping off to greet them, and few repetitions are enough for the dog to learn to jump is something that pleases according to itypetravel.

A few months later, the puppy becomes big, then those leaps that looked cute now begin to be a problem. The good news is that it’s never too late to practice good manners. From now on you can make it clear to your dog that the jump in excess are not pleasing. But, how?

Every time you meet, look for letting his hands low, at the height of your dog’s chest. One of the reasons why the dog jump is because you want to reach our hands, since it is of them that come every tenderness and food, and are soft and have our taste.

The more you raise your hands, the greater the likelihood of him wanting to jump. In addition, it is important to make it clear that being on the ground is something that pleases you, so give it plenty of affection while he is with all four legs on the ground. So raise its front legs, lift your trunk and turn your back on him, without looking or saying a Word. So he download again, restart the interaction, and so on.

Another cool exercise to do is pick up one of the meals of the day and use it as practice. Place it in a small bag and, as soon as I find the dog, throw a handful into the ground (avoiding, thus, he already gets jumping at you). After that he eat what’s on the floor, run a little and throw another handful, before he jumps. Soon, he will understand the dynamics of the exercise: all he has to do is keep up with you, without skipping, you will receive the reward.

Always remembering that, if he jumps, you should turn your back and avoid reward him anyway. Push and scream, even if it doesn’t seem, are actions that act as a reinforcement to the wrong behavior, which can lead the dog to jump even more. Therefore, avoid these attitudes.

Daily rides lower anxiety and help in any training. It’s no use demand good behaviors of our dogs do not guarantee them other ways to vent. If you find it difficult to teach good manners to your “best friend”, seek the help of a professional. He will tell you what is missing in your practice and help you have a better every day.