How to Create Your Own Wall Clock

Create a unique work of art that can not be found anywhere else! We have found various pieces of silver and brass, polished them and created a wall clock.

The Project Process in Step

Step 1
After selecting the parts you want to use to create your watch, let them shine by polishing them with your rotary tool from our site. If you polish the brass that we do this, we recommend that you use brass brushes. These brushes gives off no sparks and is softer than steel, so they will not be scratched. Use brass brushes for cleaning soft metals like gold, copper or brass.

TIP: When using polishing brushes, always run your tool at 15 000 r / min, not higher. Let slowly shine come forward over your artwork.Here we began by cleaning larger areas with the brush 536 and the brush 537 in smaller spaces. If you polish the silver, use tagelborstar. They are ideal for light trimming, cleaning or polishing of silverware, jewelry and other precious metals. For a little extra bling, use tagelborstar polishing formula.

Step 2
Install your polished parts on the wall, here we used a glue gun. Add a final touch to your watch by installing movement. Note that if you want to apply the polished parts of the clockwork maybe a battery powered clock work can not withstand the weight. We discovered that it was better with a clock powered by a cable if it’ll hold up the heavier elements of silver. Here we have the middle section of an old clock work powered by cable and glued handle on an old spoon and a knife in the hands. We hid the cord in the wall.