How To Create Spring Atmosphere In The Bathroom

As my companion Lora would say the trumpet spring has arrived! The truth is that I did not know what the slogan was until the other day on the car radio I heard the song. Be that as it may, we are all desirous of good weather, longer days, warm nights and that feeling of joy that spring brings us. Today I propose to transfer the spring atmosphere to the bathroom with some simple tips….. Do you sign up?

How To Create Spring Atmosphere In The Bathroom

With the arrival of good weather we usually focus on the exterior areas of the house. It is the moment to condition terraces, balconies or porches. But sometimes we forget about the stays of our home. One of the big forgotten ones is usually the bathroom. Whether you have a small bathroom or large, spring is the ideal excuse to add color and new materials to make it look renewed, according to anylistintheus.


We will not tire of saying that textiles are the great decorative allies. They are able to change the aesthetics of any stay in a simple, quick and if need a big budget. So our advice is to renovate the bathroom towels. Choose cheerful colors for the spirit of spring to infect you.


The plants are always important in any stay, especially in this last year in which the Urban Jungle style has caught us. They bring that green tone so fashionable and that natural freshness so necessary. Of course, what are we going to fool ourselves into? To introduce a beautiful plant composition we need natural light to keep them healthy. If you are lucky enough to have a window in the bathroom, do not think about it! A pair of plants will be the ideal decorative complement for your bathroom.


Another tip for spring to reach your bathroom is to include fibers and natural materials. Practical wicker baskets to store and organize your bathroom, a bamboo cane ladder that can serve as a towel rack or the most fashionable rattan baskets.


But perhaps your bathroom needs a little more than some accessories, textiles or plants. Maybe it’s a little obsolete or old. Maybe it’s time to do a facelift. Of course the ideal would be a reform but there are times with a few lowcost changes before and after can be surprising. And if you do not look at this before and after lowcost of a bathroom. A little white paint, some vinyls of dots, a new mirror, some nice textiles, some plants………… Voila we have a new bathroom !

Are you aiming for the trumpet spring in the bathroom?

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