How to Combine Swedish Shoes?

The Swedes are shoes with open heel, usually without any type of support on the ankle. In the 18th century they became famous as shoes for use on the inside but it was in the middle of the 20th century who were attracted by the current through the famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

Today, we can find styles of modern Swedes with the open-toe, flat sole or heel that varies from 10 to 1 2 cm high.

Women often find themselves in trouble and do not know how to combine your Swedish shoes with style. Following are some style tips offered by shoe-wiki to make your favorite Swedish work finally out of the closet.

Ankle pants

The Swedes, due to its design, are shoes that impose personality; as such, they need enough space to fend for themselves and be highlighted, ankle jeans give the measure fair for that space.

Seen by some Swedes of black color and combine them with a dark red or blue blouse creating a casual style, we suggest you to opt for a few Swedes with block heel since they are relatively comfortable.

One black look

If you want to look elegant and fixed instantly, then combines your black Swedes with an outfit all black. The color works as if by magic and makes your clothes look good together, even if you use your journal with a pair of black jeans blouse.
This look is achieved in a matter of minutes, literally.

Formal short dress

For a formal look, you can use a few Swedes with high heel and combine them with a beautiful short dress. Select a dress of bright as red, green, pink colors and your Swedish should be a neutral color to create a perfect balance. This may be an excellent choice for an elegant evening.