How to Combine a Shirt

Alternatives to a white?


White is wrong with all skin tones, and may not be suitable for casual occasions (eg the combo cheap faded jeans and white shirt). It is also a color a little too smooth face asserted textures like tweed or chunky knit.
White also gets dirty more easily and are more difficult to clean.
They get dirty easily and are difficult to clean.
Finally, white is far from such a neutral color that can combine everything and hardly married with yellow, purple or burgundy that blend better with the blue.


Blue is also available in more materials: linen and cotton voile for summer, chambray for more casual executives and oxford or twill for the winter.

b Contrasts

The contrast between your shirt and the upper layers (pullovers, jackets etc.) must reflect the contrast between your skin color and hair.
Below you see a low contrast between skin and hair (eg the pale white hair) causes a similar contrast between the shirt and the jacket.

c color combinations

For a color combination that works between jacket, shirt and tie, you have to respect your skin / hair contrast. If it is strong (ie you have light skin and dark hair), then you need to replicate it on your costume. Examples with navy blue and dark gray:

Four main points (among others) to remember:
neck around: it must be large enough for two fingers. Take a size up to buy because it will shrink after the first wash
the torso attention to the chest (avoid tension folds) and make sure the shoulder seams is well placed
the length Total: whether it is a formal shirt that you will not get out of the pants, take long. If you count out the pants, it protrudes only between 5 and 10 cm
sleeve length: they must cover the wrist bones but stop just before the start of the hand

Two landmarks:
the clamps: a back clips without a shirt usually means very close to the body
Conversely, a back with clips will be more space and to be more sturdy templates
throat: it refers to the buttonhole. A gorge surrounded seams will be more visible, and often give a more casual shirt.
A groove with visible stitching adds horizontality silhouette and slims.

Shape and size of the face

A round face needs a long neck with thin sections.
Despite a similar form, the face of right seems rounder because the panels are wider, and fall less. The face size also plays a substantial role. For denim shirt tip, check
In these two photos from The Great Gatsby , the head of Leonardo Di Caprio is rather big and wide: it refines with a vertical neck, and large sections that meet these well proportions.

By against Tobey Maguire has a smaller head, but a similar shirt with framed again very deep: So it seems that his head is even smaller.

The neck length is another parameter to be weighted according to common sense with the face shape.A long neck You will need a short neck, but that goes back high enough to get closer to the face. Thus, we will feel that the neck is slightly shorter. A short neck Avoid a collar (therefore especially no collar 3 buttons) and choose the sections that go down. This will add verticality and thus an impression of length your neck.