How to Clean Timberland Boots


This is the third edition of this guide. The latest update is February 2017

How to Clean Timberland Boots

One of the most popular brands of footwear, Timberland boots have become over the last decade one of the most recognizable in cities around the world. Although resistance is one of its distinctive features, the Timberland can stain or get dirty like any other boot or shoe, and need cleaning and maintenance.

Although the Timberland are designed to image of solid and durable work shoes, now time have joined looks casual and urban all kinds of sectors. In any case, proper care of your boots will get to extend their useful life.

Cleaning tips and tricks

Prevention is the first key element in this aspect. Timberland has a range of specific products as the protector of waxed leather or multipurpose protective Balm Proofer XL to help prevent stains and keep clean the surfaces of the footwear. You can also use other guards as the waterproof spray of Lacrosse, which can be used in different tissues, including Gore-Tex.

Is important that you cerciones that your Timberland are completely clean before applying these products. Extends the guard in a uniform manner across the surface of the boot. Clean the excess liquid with a damp cloth and allow to dry your boots for several hours. Once dry, use the brush to smooth the fabric.

Even taking these precautions you will need to carry out a complete cleaning on a regular basis.

Start by removing dirt and remnants of Earth. It becomes a brush or towel each boot to remove the more superficial traces of dirt. Don’t forget the bottom, since on the soles accumulates mud, gravel, and dirt the same relief on the boot helps to eliminate.

Timberland offers in stores and on its web page brushes designed specifically for their boots. The brushes are preferable to rags and towelettes, since they have access more efficiently to holes and cracks. That Yes, it is not recommended to use them on the surface of the skin that can cause scratches or marks.

Most of Timberland products are suitable for the dishwasher. Keep in mind that if they are very dirty, it may be best to wash them separately for keeping the clothes. In any case, always check the label to make sure that your shoes can be machine washed.

It is important that you remove laces before thorough cleaning. You have to hand wash them with warm water and SOAP. Soak in warm water and then leave them to dry in the air.

Delete any scratch or mark with a pencil eraser. You can rub with gum marks and scratches until they disappear, in a way that does not cause wear to boots. Then brush any remaining rubber that may remain.

To remove stains from the boot, use a brush on dry dirt. A cleaning rod or another similar product on one side then passes to another by the stained area. Use the brush or sponge to even boot. Repeat this procedure often be necessary to get the boots are completely clean.

Some products require special care to be made of more delicate materials. Timberland boots can be made of Suede, nubuck, Gore Tex or leather, for example.

The nubuk and suede models can be cleaned in the same way. Use with abundant foam cleaner for the cleaning of leather and nubuck boots.

Timberland has a product to clean and protect the boots nubuck and suede, called “Renewbuck”. You can also use generic products of other brands, which are usually cheaper, but in that case make sure that they are compatible with the material and color of your boots.

Boots with areas of skin cleaning requires products for cleaning leather specialist that usually contain reinforcements for the color. To clean boots Timberland leather, used only specialized products for this fabric. Usually you’ll find cream or liquid. The majority of skin or leather cleaners include in the pack with a soft sponge or applicator to extend the cleansing formula in the boot. Timberland has gel for cleaning of leather called “Boot Willow”. For stubborn dark spots on leather, you can also use baking soda.

Let dry boots after applying any product, preferably outdoors and away from any source of heat too intense, that could damage the glue and adhesives from your boots.


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