How to Clean Leather Boots

Leather boots need special consideration, especially at the time of cleaning. The material, when washed frequently, you may lose a bit of firmness. In addition, no brushing the leather or pass common soap, not to spoil.

Clean Leather Boots

The maintenance of leather boots in addition to let them more beautiful at the time of use, can increase the life of the shoes. But for this, it is necessary to know some basic care to not make mistakes and end up leaving it scratched, worn or even peel the material.

To wash, do not use too much water, and or abrasive products as detergent or alcohol. Only a damp cloth, flannel or soft part of the sponge and neutral soap solves. Don’t rub it in time to take care of your footwear, or use paper towels, after all, they may scratch it.

For the sole use a brush and remove dirt and any dust that got stuck there. Already the inner part, the damp cloth may also be used.

After cleaning, it must be a time “breathing”. Therefore, it is not shown holding it soon after cleaning. Leave for a while drying in the shade because the Sun dries the leather.

To keep the brightness use for hydration, as colorless grease. Time to save, don’t let the pipe to be bent. To keep the format without risks on boot, you can use bottles, magazines or newspapers folded nicks to fill the part which corresponds to your leg.