How To Clean Baseball Hats With A Dishwasher

Has your baseball cap been made since your last team won the World Series? It’s time to get rid of dirt and sweat stains. The machine is a convenient and effective option, but can easily damage old or wool hats.

How To Clean Baseball Hats With A Dishwasher



Examine the hats. Some cleaning experts recommend avoiding this method for the safety of your caps. Others think it is acceptable, but recognizes the risk of harm. Threergroup suggests you wash your hat by hand or in a washing machine instead if you notice one of these warning signs:

  • The cleaning tag that says “single cold wash”
  • Exhaustive dots, tears, or other signs of damage
  • Wool material
  • The cardboard jean; These are usually only found on hats made in the 1990s or earlier.
  • Washing sentimental hats is not recommended, as there is always some risk of damage.
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Consider a baseball cap frame. Also called baseball hat cages or shapers, these are meant to protect the shape of the hat. They will not protect your hat from heat or moisture, but they should stop from serious bending. Just open the frame, put your hat inside, and snap the frame closed around it.

  • Confirm that the frame is dishwasher safe before you buy it.
  • This may void your dishwasher warranty.
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Charge the dishwasher with only hats. For hygiene reasons, do not mix dishes and clothes in the same load. Put the hats on the top shelf where the heat and water pressure are usually less intense.

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Set the dishwasher to a short wash without drying. Set your machine to the shortest wash cycle. Never include a drying cycle, which can bend or wrinkle the hat due to the intense heat.

  • If your machine has a temperature setting, choose a low heat option.
  • Referring to Fig.

Add dishwasher detergent with care. Adding detergent is risky as it can change the color of the fabric. Use a small amount of detergent, and avoid lemon detergent and products containing bleach.

  • For extra safety, wipe a small amount of detergent in a hidden corner of the hat.Wait until it is dry to check for color fastness.
  • Consider skipping detergent altogether if you are just trying to get rid of mild dirt.Unless you plan to eat the soup out of your hat, it does not need to be as clean as your dishes.
  • Let it air dry. When the washing machine is finished, leave your hats to dry in a drainer. If you are wearing a conspirator baseball cap, leave it on to prevent shrinkage.


  • Collect hats from other family members so you can make a great dishwasher-wash with just hats.