How to Choose Your Jewelry

Jewelry and clothing according to the seasons

The relookeuses very often rank models according to the seasons to make the game of correspondences between the cold and warm colours. The woman “was” has light hair, light skin and blue eyes. She is perfect in the tones of red, raspberry, plum or green blue shades, cream white or gray. The jewels that highlight her consist of diamonds, rubies and gold. She can also wear pink, yellow and turquoise jewelry. The woman “fall” has auburn hair all the declensions of the roux, often skinned and brown or green eyes. She can wear shades geranium, paprika, brick, coral, bronze, caramel or chocolate tones, but can afford the Blue King, oil blue or khaki. Gold jewelry, ethnic jewelry wooden or leather it will be fine.

The woman ‘winter’ has particularly the complexion clear or olive, dark, Brown, black hair or Crow. She can wear black, white, and choose silver, gold jewelry, diamond or Ruby. The woman ‘spring’ and the warm colours go hand in hand. It often has red hair, Golden and all brown tones with eyes that can be Brown, blue or green. The woman that fits the tone of the spring can wear silver or gold tones of beige, turquoise, or blue. Jewelry in gold or silver and pastel jewelry or warm colour highlight. If she opts for the jewelry, she will choose bright colors such as blue, fuchsia, red, or yellow.

Jewelry and clothing: mistakes to avoid

You first you dress up and makeup before you choose jewellery that will suit your outfit.As for the colors of the clothing, keep in mind the rule of three: be a ring + necklace + an earring or bracelet + necklace + a PIN… Limit yourself to one jewel very seeing among the three. If wear you a ring in Platinum, do not associate it with a wooden ring, pearl earrings or a necklace in yellow gold. To always look for balance: either total look, total money and not look both mixed. But if you get the Chanel look, you must have the same style of jewelry. The choice of jewelry must be made fit the size to maintain a certain balance. It is matter of harmony: strong necks will emphasize fine necklaces and plunging, similarly, little fingers will choose high rings.

The collars or bouncers can harmonize a nice cleavage. A dress or a long bustier féminiseront pace. Bracelets refine the wrist, if you wear a tube top, a single bracelet will suffice. On the other hand, if you wear a top with Bell sleeves, opt for some sober designs that enhance the outfit as a whole. Ankle bracelets are either with a long dress or a skirt for a romantic side. Wear flats or sandals to unveil your jewelry without increasing your pace. The rings are of two categories: the fine and discrete and large.If you wear a top with wide sleeves or a blouse, opt for a discreet ring that will refine your hand. If you’re wearing a dark dress or a top with long sleeves, prefer a big colored ring that will brighten your outfit.

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