How to Choose Undershirt

A t-shirt for wearing under a shirt, sweater, sweatshirt or vest belongs in every wardrobe. But that shirt is best suited as an under-shirt?

In this article you read, what you should look for when buying a under-Shirts. And what models from the collection Girav meet the requirements.

What Makes a Good Under-Shirt?

The question is whether it is just a single T-shirt model, which can be referred to as “Best under-Shirt”. Is this a matter of taste, or are there objective criteria that a shirt has to have justice for subjecting? By this we have gathered a few of the important criteria for you:

  1. The Underneath Garment must not be visible.Therefore, the V-neck must always be somewhat lower than the section of the sweaters, which is worn on the shirt. (Apart from a turtleneck course…) Also, if you want a shirt with the top two buttons open carry, the V-neck T-shirt must be deep enough.
  2. An under-Shirt designed to protect your outerwear sweat.A T-shirt made of cotton does generally better than shirts from other raw materials.
  3. The under-shirt should fit comfortably and not move up when worn.We recommend in this context Shirts slim fit cut. Then the T-shirt is comfortable on your body.

What T-Shirts Are Best For Subjecting?

The criteria are a good basis for choosing the right under-Shirts. As additional support, we have created an overview of Slim Fit T-shirts. Here you see that shirt is in how far the wearing under a shirt, sweater or turtleneck.