How to Choose The Perfect White Shirt

For those who think that choosing his shirt white boils down to take the first shirt from his wardrobe, you can go your way!

For the others, those who have the cares of the details and want to build a coherent, elegant look, deepen the subject the white shirt, which apparently seems simple but ultimately proves far more pointed.

When Wearing a White Shirt?

The white shirt is THE color that can be worn on all occasions, or even every day. It is a essential piece of male wardrobe, maybe even the first piece! It is therefore necessary to choose carefully and it may even be necessary to have several under the elbow.

In fact, depending on the context in which you will wear your white shirt are some tips to follow to remain as elegant.

Our advices

The white shirts are worn easily and therefore nothing is set in stone but if you want to make a difference with your look, follow these tips:

  • The shirt plain white (spotless) is wearing rather for festive events such as a wedding, a baptism…
  • In a business setting, opt for very discrete patterns such as thin gray stripes, chevrons tonal or honeycomb fabrics for example to break the monotony of fabrics white , even under asuit
  • Prefer pearl buttons tone on tone
  • Opt, as always, stiff necks for a better grip and a better rendering
  • Opt for fabrics 100% cotton and quality
  • Check the length of the cuff (rigid portion at the end of the round) to what is good proportion which will allow you to wear the shirt without jacket
  • Make attention to details such as whales in the neck, the type of sewing buttons (the point on the cross is stronger), the type of buttonhole …

And always…

Now that you know how to choose your white shirt, it is essential not to forget the basics that you certainly already apply to the choice of the other parts of your wardrobe:

  • A white shirt in your size: neither too big nor too small, the shirt should be in your size. Pay attention to sleeve length and overall length of the shirt. At the shoulders. The seams must find at bone level.
  • The shirt cut should be chosen according to your body type. You are slender? Choose a fitted cut or adjusted. You are more sturdy or have overweight? Turn to a straight cut. You are in between? Opt for a slim fit that will energize your look.
  • The choice of fabrics is still the third essential criterion. It should be soft to touch and offering beautiful reflections. For comfort, you can also opt for no-iron shirts, such as white shirts Seidensticker or Olymp shirts.