How to Choose Sleeping Bag

Our first question is what will we use it. Sleeping bags are divided into two basic types of rectangular and mummy. If looking sleeping bag for summer, picnic, fishing, the rectangular type is the best option for you. Great their advantage is that they can be deployed as a blanket. However, if you decide to indulge in hiking and mountaineering little more serious, then sleeping bags mummy type for you. They are warmer, lighter and have a hood. With respect to the filler can be divided into two types: feather and such hollow fibers. Sleeping bags filled with feathers are light, even when intended for low temperatures. Always come with a compression bag, which reduces their maximum. On is better to be used in dry time. Then wet down sleeping bags lose their heat and insulation properties. Wither very slowly and this is their biggest shortcoming. On generally not advisable to wet or wash frequently. Also so drawback is their high price, in most cases.

With the advancement of new technologies for sleeping bags, some companies have developed synthetic fibers, which are microscopic tubes 2-4 and more. Hollow fibers have the same advantages as natural down, but not unlike his disadvantages. For Puhalo sleeping bags hollow fibers dry very quickly and also allow sweat to evaporate. A major manufacturer of such fibers is currently Dupont. Its company developments are Thermolite, Tactel, also brand new development, especially for sleeping bags is PolyPlus.

So, buying a sleeping bag Look for these signs if you want a quality bag. Another major milestone when choosing a sleeping bag is temperaturite. In the comfortable range you could sleep only in his underwear, in limit you will feel better with clothes and extremes of temperature are likely not to sleep in the cold, but at least you will experience night. As this is to some extent relative, because also matter what sex you are, your weight, how are cold-or chilly. They are additional factors that also is well affect your choice of sleeping bags. The fact is that men endure more cold than women, so some manufacturers put different temperatures comfortable on their heard. From other hand, if you know your body enough and know that you have been cold when their other warm, it is better to take your sleeping bag with lower comfortable temperatures. Another interesting thing about sleeping bags is that according to the type fastening they are divided into left. If you are a couple for you is good to pick up bags of left and right. This way you can connect sacks and not only have more space, but to provide more heat and greater proximity to favorite human. This is basically the main, if you need more information can contact the author of the article. In the meantime, I wish you good moments in the mountains.