How to Choose Men’s Shirts

The bible of the mailed shirt there is a little over a year and a half is one of the most visited sections of the site.
Unfortunately, it’s not really up to date, and is also quite incomplete: it was time to whip up a larger article, which is a true guide of man’s shirt.

The goal is to be as complete as possible, so I did not go into detail in some aspects more accessories shirts to not make boring article.

You will therefore find all the criteria to choose your shirt, recommendations for wear and check that you will, but also (and ESPECIALLY) the marks that count.
Recent trademarks We speak, with a price / quality ratio nine relatively good (with classics like Hast or Blue Rider, but also other more confidential brands).
You will also discover small Neapolitan marks little known, but it is easy to buy on eBay, or Yoox other stocking sites. Just simply know their names, and know a little where to look

Choose Your Shirt Man

1 The budget

This is a fundamental criterion but rarely talked about: a shirt man is neither a jacket or coat and not a pair of shoes . It will wear and you must replace it: how to spend a coherent budget without sacrificing the rest of his wardrobe? Here’s a foolproof trick for how to choose a man’s shirt.

A wear

A shirt is not synonymous with longevity. This is a cotton garment that is worn close to the body should be washed at least once every 3 ports
Regardless of its quality, cotton necessarily will eventually deteriorate as the washes: which brings its life expectancy at maximum 3 years, at a rate of 1 or 2 ports per week.
it is not necessarily a good idea to spend over $ 100 on a shirt knowing that a jacket or a wool coat are more sustainable investments that are not directly in contact with the skin (well, it’s up to you), and the matter needs to be washed less often Because of its hydrophobic properties (it wets much less).
Invest in a shirt wholesale third of what you would be willing to pay for a nice jacket or coat.
life the duration of an average shirt is 35 50 washes.

B Consistency with the wardrobe

The key is to keep the interest of consistency: a nice shirt under a jacket or a poorly cut synthetic coat will not save your outfit.
First Emphasize the upper layers: they are the most visible and structuring your . wardrobe
most recent brands collections, like the Blue Rider , Marchand Drapier or Melinda Gloss have a good example of distribution of price: about 140 euros shirt and jacket 450/500 euros.
the same proportions apply to the shoes and boots.
I advise you also to invest in black derby eternal, not so versatile and to prefer fairly thin brown boots that can be worn in more opportunities.