How to Choose Fishing Bait


Once we were satisfied with the spices, we started to experiment with their levels, made bait high and almost natural. Thus we proved that no success is not dependent on the strength of flavors rather than their proper balance. While all levels are normal and there is no dominant attractor or too much sweetener, the results do not change. Our limit was 15ml liquid and mix 4 eggs, but after it doubled or halfway through, carp still like it. You change the formula or levels of aromas, the results are worse.

This is my opinion, artificial baits lead in innovation in the world of bait, we have 25 years of experience on which to rely. We produce own flavors than 15 years in fishing bait baboratory and this is because we believe that the industry is not what it was when the quality is worrying right ingredients missing. I do not want to brag, but I easily formulate new recipes, even then refer them to intensive testing in the field because we learn this way and constantly improving its products.

I am convinced that the relationship is more important than the power of spices carp can easily find the bait, even slightly scented. The important thing is to get him to eat with her and not once, but even if captured, to reach for it again. This makes a good recipe.

Fixed or Frozen?

We are glad that the majority of people testing our products prefer fixed balls. Actually we produce many more such than frozen, although it is important for each new bait to try both. There are some ingredients that can not be preserved without freezing, so in fixed version they are missing. We decided this issue and replaced them with equivalent and equally effective. Yeast not appropriate for use in frozen pellets because it at high levels of moisture begin to decompose, and other malt products. Our products are durable, low humidity, about 8%, this is the way to remain stable for a long time.

Add water they will start to fall apart, because we do not use preservatives, so do not use products that will not withstand even a little humid. We tested quite a few different ingredients over the past few decades, so making a long ball was not as big a problem, but the levels of nutrition are always paramount and we are confident in their products testing them first.

The ingredients of the base mix have a major impact on how we work aromas and whether it will work the bait in different seasons.

Years ago I created artificial baits for fishing called Tangee Squid, which was actually Tangerine oil, sweetener and S Mix Squid.One fisherman fell in love with it because it was doing pretty good and wanted to make small changes.

Added powder from bovine liver, one of his favorite ingredients and no longer catch fish on it, powder killed the bait. I think I know why now, but then I felt quite strange. The old Banana Squid contains large quantities of powder and gave impressive results.

Personally, I prefer to use long-lasting bait all the time when no test new flavors. I can not betray our method for creating them, so field tests are basically small quantities mixes and frozen balls. Fixed balls are multifunctional, you can keep your car in case you get stuck somewhere bait. Our balls of this kind will stay at the bottom dropping flavors and attractors without stop for several days. More difficult waters are suitable even fish not turn over the food you spot immediately. The contents of fragrances is high, which is not a problem when the ratios are correct, this makes them all seasons, considering that gave better results from our frozen pellets in winter are definitely the perfect year-round bait.

In the summer not eaten balls start to decompose and spoil for about 24 hours and anyone who has seen the ball in the water 48 hours would be sure that it will be appetizing for carp. Frozen and long our bait will swim to the surface before this period, which will leave you eating spot cleaner than old bait. For me this is very important.

In Nash Bait and produce a complete range of peripheral products to each bait are also tested because they are extremely important for us as fishermen.

Anyone can do pop up ball, but our pop up mixes contain ingredients from the base mix, as for example in Monster Carp Pellets, Soluballs, Food and Boilie dips, Arousers, Chain Reaction and everything recipe includes the fragrance. No sense to sell something that has been tested and give it to fishermen to catch him.

Any questions that I get a new bait are clarified before it as part of our product range does not make sense not to do this thing.

Monster Squid was tested for six years, not only in waters where it will catch, but also in those where fishing is difficult and in all seasons.

Monster Squid already caught some good fish, I’m sure winner! I will continue to use it in its serious outings ahead.