How to Choose Backpacks For School

Approaching new school year and also the time to select school bags for our kids.

Baglib will highlight 3 tips on how to choose backpacks for school, since it seems silly but is a very important subject because your children are going to use every day and may even affect their health.

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Choosing a school bag can be very entertaining. Not only have to think of design, fashion, if not we have to take into account important factors such as the shape and functionality. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind.

1 choose the characteristics of the backpack.

(A) have the account size and pockets.

You must think about the size of what is going to take your small backpack and also weight. Also keep in mind the kind of pockets you will need. Some of those objects that may be needed:

Do you need a compartment for the computer?
Do you need a place to put your lunch?
Do you need places to put pens, keys or other small objects?
Would you like support for water bottles or bags of mobile telephony?
How many folders, notebooks and books they will need carry at a time?

(B) choose the fabric

A backpack fabric will determine its weight, breathability, and of course, durability.

New synthetic fabrics will logically last more time and also weigh less than leather, which logically is much heavier. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are more resistant to water than natural like cotton.

On the other hand, natural fibers like hemp are more environmentally-friendly if you’re concerned with the environment.

(C) check the zippers.

Look well to the zippers for pockets and make sure that you are resistant and easy to close.
Choose double-headed zippers for easy access.
Search zips of high strength that can withstand over time.

2.Elegir backpack padded handles

  1. A) think of the amount of filling you will need to take the weight of your bag comfortably and safely.

Choose a bag with wide, padded handles to adequately support the weight on his shoulders.

(B) choose a backpack with adjustable straps.

The handles should be adjustable so that the backpack rests firmly against the strongest back.

If the backpack is balance to the sides or rests too low in the back can cause low back pain and problems to the spine, especially if it carries a lot of weight.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child’s backpack should sit about two inches (5.08 cm) above the waist.

(C) choose two handles instead of one.

Choose a backpack with two handles for shoulders. The use of a single handle can cause alignment problems of back and spine or shoulder and neck injuries.

(D) also you could search a backpack with a belt at the waist with a clip to better distribute the weight.

(E) also, it is important that the backrest is quilted, for more convenience.

3.Elegir types of backpacks

  1. A) backpacks Messenger style.

A bag with two handles instead of one will offer a more uniform distribution of weight and will be better for your back.

(B) look at the top-loading and zipper full bags backpacks.

The classic backpack has a complete seal that goes from one side to another opening. Other backpacks open only at the top and that may include a folding flap as a seal instead of a zipper.

Zippered backpacks allow easy insertion and extraction of large objects or a large number of elements at the same time.
Backpacks that open up can give a little more space, because the top flap can be set on large or protruding, items like a jacket.

(C) wheeled backpacks

In recent years the backpacks with wheels have become more popular. They are a good choice for the transport of heavy loads.
Keep in mind that a backpack with wheels will be much heavier even before the charge. If the backpack is for a child, make sure that you can lift it. Backpacks with wheels may be more difficult to move in heavily populated areas, including a Hall occupied between classes.
Wheeled backpacks are ideal for the transportation of very heavy objects, like a lot of textbooks that do not want to lift and carry on its back.

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