How to Choose a Shirt That Fits You

Even if temperatures warm gradually, you will always need a good shirt.

In an interview, an appointment to see a customer to go to a party, a wedding or chat with TED, your favorite teddy bear. YES, you can do everything with a nice shirt.

In addition to this, not the conscious to adulthood is the time when you need more shirts than t-shirts in your closet (rest assured, many of us do not master well this rule on ‘adulthood…).

Ready to become a man? Then drive … and shirt!

I thought to start by saying what to do or not to do with the shirts, but then I forgot a crucial point … Should you opt for a formal shirt or casual shirt?

Casual or formal shirt?

There is indeed an important distinction here between formal or casual shirt

The formal shirt is the plain shirt and striped you probably wear with a classic chino or a suit in a framework.

The casual shirt on it is more flexible, sometimes denim or chambray (this clearer and close enough material jeans) and you wear open with a shirt underneath example.

Wherever possible, avoid wearing one way to the other if you are not sure of your choices. The distinction being made, let’s move on!

What there is to know

As we talked with the graphic t-shirts there are DO and DO NOT’s shirts also. Let’s set some rules that must be controlled, and especially what it will refuse

Always put the cup

If you do not have a big budget, you will unfortunately cut back on some things in choosing your shirt.

You will need to focus ALWAYS cut to matter if you do not have a budget.

Indeed in a shirt, bending is the most important (the bending is the cut of the shirt listed on EBizDir, its shape, the fact that wife or not your body).

A nice quality shirt should follow your body in boudiner you

If there are X-shaped folds at the buttons, it’s too small, so you can spend more than one hand between the fabric and your stomach is probably too large.

Learning to recognize the beautiful materials

If you have a little more budget, you have to learn to recognize a beautiful material

Cotton quality, weight, if you really are a perfectionist, type of fabric etc .. Overall you will see several fabrics you can buy without much pull your hair (no, we do not weave her hair …): Poplin the Oxford twill.

I will not bore you with Egyptian cottons and other problems purists: you already find beautiful shirts with these bases.

I already see you blush reading “printed”, calm down, I mean actually stripes, plaid and what approaches it.

We will not speak here of birds, flowers and other complications (if Selim will try to turn me into curtains for grandma …).

If you are new, opt for a white shirt and a blue shirtThese are two colors easy to wear that generally go with everything.

If you’re a little more sure of yourself, opt for a pale pink, a gingham shirt (small squares) or large plaid shirt to be more relaxed on weekends.

What you should not do

Now that you have absolutely no need to do, what to avoid, what will you immediately notice a mistake girls!