How to Choose a Perfect Shirt

Today, the shirt is an essential piece that everyone should have. To buy less but better, there are some rules and tips to know. In the program :

-How to choose a shirt size
-Details control to check the quality of a shirt
-Different brands (quality / price ratio) and where to get them

How to choose a shirt size (cutting and morphology)?

A shirt to its size, it is first a shirt that matches its morphology. Avoid a shirt “slim fit” when your shoulders are those of a wrestler, or that your stomach is a bit pronounced.

When you close all the buttons of your shirt, check that:

-Sewing wife correctly the prominent bones of the shoulders, so that the shirt is properly adjusted to your body structure so it should be neither too large nor too small on you.
-The chest should be slightly molded without too many folds.
-Beware excess tissue you might have in the armpits that can quickly give you a “parachute” effect.
-the pleats should not be too high at the seams and the buttonholes (and buttons): otherwise, is that your fabric is too tight and your shirt is too small for you. So take one size up!


Tip shopping to make sure your shirt is the right size

Put a fist between the bottom of the shirt and your body. If the cloth is not taut and that there is no voltage layers while the liner is too large.

Style Advice

The shirt should be long enough to be tucked in when you want to dress in costume, and shorter if you want to give it a more casual and casual use.

The sleeves must stop immediately after the wrist bone and protrude a few centimeters when walking with a blazer.

Details Control To Check The Quality Of A Shirt

When you find yourself facing a branded shirt and you’ve never seen, or Eve or Adam (I like apples), it is possible to determine in seconds whether it is quality and whether it will suit your body type.

Here are some tips from Indexdotcom that will allow you to filter and eliminate poor quality shirts at a glance (without even having to try them!). Exit the poor quality shirts, your wallet will thank you.

1) The seams should be clean and fair.

You must make a habit of checking when buying a garment because they are generally good indicators that reflect the quality and attention to its production.

A shirt with well finished seams will highlight cutting it.

However if they are frayed, or that they are not tight enough, it will be a sign of poor quality, everyday stresses will remind you that it is preferable that the fabric pieces are securely linked together if you count the keep a time.

2) The neck should be rigid.

The look of the shirt will be so assured, so you can wear a blazer without appearing to have forgotten your shirt in the washing machine. In the case of a casual shirt, it’s less important, there is no problem if your neck is more flexible because you do not search the same presence as a formal shirt.

3) The Fabric Should Be Pleasant To The Touch.

Initially, it will be not easy to tell the difference between a quality fabric with a nice cotton that well reflects the light of another, less qualitative (if you do frequent the stores ready-to-wear mainstream) .

I invite you to spend no middle / high-end shops (see next section), certainly more expensive (sometimes out of budget), but to help you get an idea on the quality of materials used for shirt middle-high end. Touch the materials you already see a big difference with low-end shirts.

4) Avoid Fabrics That Wrinkle Easily.

If the shirt is already crumpled on the hanger, imagine it will head after a day of work! In this logic, avoid (if possible) poplin which is much used for formal shirts.Naturally, choose shirts in 100% cotton: natural materials breathe better than synthetic.

To find out, press the fabric of a handle in your hand and see if wrinkles are immediately marked. In which case, you will be quickly fixed on the ironing / port ratio.

5) Colors.

Concerning the color is strolling in shops oriented towards good quality articles, your eye gets used to recognize the beautiful fabrics and shades of colors, deeper and more resistant to washing than PAP in the Classic.

In addition, PAP shirts délaveront is faster (especially with traces under the armpits), as more quality parts with Melinda Gloss The Human Comedy or Balibaris (very good mid-range brand).

Different brands (quality / price ratio) and where to get them.

There are obviously several budgets for the purchase of a shirt.
Know that many brands are abusing their image to sell products with a quality / price very unbalanced.

Indeed, a large part of their budget is spent on marketing and communication to maintain their image instead of spend it on quality.

These are brands that have adopted a marketing concrete at the expense of sometimes dubious material considering the price (plastic in a blazer to 700 euros?), Seams and fabric slightly cheaps (jeans s 100 euros abyss and tears after a few weeks of port). In short, you see what brands I mean.

First to find qualitative and sustainable products in time, I would advise you to turn to brands midrange, and then gradually increase your quality standards.

Here are the brands I recommend mid / high-end:

-Melinda Gloss: a French brand that has proven in recent years and is beginning to have an international impact. Prices have increased from their debut but the quality has followed.

-Marchand Drapier: even the French. Oriented daring designs, innovation and originality. The quality is very good and the comments of the observers are free!

-Acne: Swedish brand, known primarily for its jeans and leather perfectos her. The shirts are very good quality, we must try to know the feeling.

For the very high end, look at the side of Husbands, shirts are perfect, both in terms of quality, that garment.

For smaller budgets, do not worry, trademarks listed below are entirely the work asked of them and remain a formidable value.

Between 50 and 80euros, trust:

-COS, clean rooms and use of materials own brand. This H & M Premium filled entirely its function to provide effective basic, a bit sharper, that change what you see on fellow officers. Attention to cuts that are not made for large thin.

-Hast. Much more simple and classic, Hast offers a really interesting selection at competitive prices. The cuts are very precise and allow many people to find their happiness. Ideal for everyday use if your job requires you to wear costumes.

-Always the classical side, look very good brands House Standards, Dany Berd or even Leg Frog, a displaced strand.