How to Choose a Good T-Shirt

 1.Choose a bad cut

You must surely know that there is a section for each morphology. But it is also fashionable to be able to favor a close fit when possible. Before making voting choices always follow these rules:

  • Shoulders should never fall, the seam should be located slightly before the fall of the shoulder, not after.
  • The shirt should be long enough at the bust to be tucked in without out every 5 minutes, otherwise it’s too small for you (if this case is very common custom of prefer, some offer shirts for hundred euros).
  • If the excess fabric at the back, it is possible to resume the jacket at this level, and only at this level.

Talking about cuts:

  • The fitted cut: This is the section favored. It puts your assets and refines the silhouette: she returns the belly and highlights the chest.
  • The classic cut: slim fit is less but still close to the body, the ideal compromise into a workmate.
  • The right cut: only use if you have a little overweight.

2. To err neck

If you are looking for a shirt to go to work in a suit and tie, make sure that there are whales in the neck of your shirts. Whales are used to hold the collar, so as not to look like nothing.

Generally men that agree on two types of collars for that use:

The classic collar or spread collar:

If you wear a tie, always close completely your shirt. A tight tie on an unclosed neck deform the aesthetics of all (besides being tasteless).

Regarding the shirts for a use casual , you are much more free. You can wear a light shirt without whales and wear sleeves rolled up, for example. A plethora of passes available to you and from the trends we can count on the inverted neck, back or collar according to the creators:

Nknown to the general public, these shirts are nevertheless the most beautiful effect.

Nothing also prevents you revisit the classics like the broken neck for example.

3) Do not pay attention to the matter

This point is often overlooked but it has its importance.

If you often perspire, prefer cotton and pay attention to derivative with synthetic blends. Also make sure you are not allergic to a specific component.

In general, look at the label. Also check how you can wash this shirt (machine washing? hand washing? dry?).

I advise you to always wash your shirts by hand. If you do not have time or if in doubt, place them in dry.

4) Do not give shirt and use 

Before buying, know what uses you go to this shirt. Is it to go to work? To stroll into town and go shopping? To go in the evening or a cocktail?

There are different types of shirts according to Topb2bwebsites:

  • The shirt “Casual”: This is a shirt that will accommodate up sleeves to be worn, for example. It will follow you during your shopping sprees and will prove to be a good compromise in the face T-shirt, much more banal.The materials will be less strict and allow you to choose the more elaborate models. In summer it will also be interesting to think flax.
  • Shirt “Work”: This is the shirt that follows you like your meetings in your office. It is slightly less curved (but still close to the body) for a little more comfort. Closed cravat and collar, play on colors, nothing prevents you from having the style to work.
  • The shirt “Chic”: you turn to go in the evening. Do not go out with your work shirts (as can often be seen), unless you work in the pub and you always wear designer clothes.

5) Think if it is expensive, it is

All that is expensive is not necessarily good or quality evidence .
Before making your choice, make sure to check the points that we have seen to make a smart purchase.

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