How to Choose a Formal Shirt

Choosing His Shirt Ideal

Find your size

In terms of formal shirt, size is most often expressed in centimeters and represents your neck.Directly proportional to your shoulder middle, it must allow the armhole of the jacket to be superimposed on the natural break your shoulder .

Make sure the sleeve length you want: the sleeve must end at the joint between your thumb and wrist so that the shirt than your jacket about a centimeter. At the wide sleeves, they must allow movement without presenting unwanted excess fabric.

At the bust, the rule is the same: you have to feel comfortable, especially when sitting without much wrinkles or excess tissue.

Choosing Office Artist: our shirts carve normally, feel free to take your usual size. In all cases, free shipping and returns at our expense in France.

The cut that suits you

Two major types of cuts exist: slim fit, built V-shaped suitable for sports silhouettes and emphasizes the shoulders and torso, and the straight cut, which has more volume in the stomach and will hide so elegant small overweight. The fitted cut is to prioritize if you can (it enhances your stature by marrying your curves), but keep in mind that being comfortable is not a luxury and that tensions at the buttons were never made someone stylish.

Choosing Office Artist: we propose a single slim fit. With a high armhole (which reinforces the impression of a silhouette V) and a sharp bend, we found a compromise that suits most and offers elegance and comfort  in everyday life.

The matched collar

The majority of men can wear the collar they wish as long as one avoids major originality.  If many rules exist on how to match his face with the right shirt collar, we will retain for short an Italian collar (short and flared) is particularly suitable for a long, thin face and a classic collar (or French, that is to say longer and closed) benefits a round face.

Choosing Office Artist: we offer two passes to suit all uses and all body types: short and Italian neck (to wear with a thin tie or no tie) and a classic collar (ideal for wearing a tie but that fits perfectly without).

How to Match His Shirt And Tie With Costume?

It is not always easy to choose her outfit in the morning while one is a little fog. But with a few basic rules and a little common sense, you will have good every time.

To succeed a range between suit, shirt and tie, two important elements come into play: the contrasts and patterns.


To create a successful holding must find a balance between its different components, that is to say, respect the contrasts between them. Check for men’s linen shirts. Leave the shirt to make your job easier: it must be the element most of the maintenance and contrast with the suit and tie.

From there, the following general principles:
-A white shirt goes with everything
-a sky blue shirt will go very well with anthracite navy and gray suits (dark), much less with a light gray.
-The Rose works as blue sky, put it with a dark suit.

The reasons

Marriage patterns is not the easiest, but it is also a choice that can be paid if you pay attention to some fundamental:
-The grounds are not to be of the same size
-If checks and stripes work overall, this is seldom the case for peas and tile.
-generally, avoid eccentric ties on a shirt other qu’unie.

Choosing Office Artist: you will find on the page of each shirt a suggestion suit and complementary tie for an elegant and sober look. Each course will be free to find alternative he prefers.