How to Choose a Bikini According to Your Body Type

Not always the bikinis we like most are those who settle better. So, read on and discover how to choose the right bikini for your body type.

With the arrival of summer, lunches with friends are the meeting point to combine trips to the beach during the weekend. And, of course, could hardly resist to buy a bikini (or several) again. We want to be nice, get a Tan envy and that our bikini is the most praised. But, do we know to choose the perfect bikini according to our body type?

Unfortunately, most of the time, the answer is no. We see a bikini that we like and we buy, without having in mind if we will favor or not. Then, more often than we’d like to admit, we’re disappointed that things didn’t settle down to perfection.

And because we want you to feel at your best, we went to the Sport Zone choose the most beautiful bikinis this season, according to the different body types. Discover your.

That bikini use depending on the type of body

Firstly it is important to understand what your body type. If you’re not sure, the above image allows you to figure out what kind of body your fits.

Hourglass Body

If you own an hourglass shaped body – which means that the width of the shoulders is balanced with the width of the hips – congratulations. This is considered the type of body more “perfect” and therefore can use the bikinis you want that all will be fine.

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Body Pear

This body type is characterized by wide hips and very narrow top. According to Opelikafashion, invest in flashy bikini top and down in neutral colors, and underwear choice without loops or frills. The idea is to disguise the size of the hips by highlighting the top.

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Rectangular body

The rectangular body is characteristic of models and women tall and slender. Since you have no curves, the ideal is to bet on bikinis and flashy with lots of information that create this illusion. Frills, laces, embossed and colors are to abuse.

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Inverted triangle body

Unlike with the pear-shaped body, this body type is characterized by the fact that the top be well wider than your hips. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on upperparts and underparts more colorful and effects. Here, the aim is to draw attention to the bottom of the body, covering the top.

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Oval Body

For women who have some unwanted flab ideally bet on high panties (hot pants) or bathing suits in neutral colors, in order to hide the chubbiness.

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