How to Carry School Backpacks Properly

With the back to school back to see children carrying backpacks that weigh more than them, something that can lead to problems in the back to the future. Therefore, it is essential to know How to wear the school backpack.

Weight is an important issue, but it is also the way to carry it. Poor posture, coupled with excessive weight, in the infantile stage which is developing the muscles can cause ailments that affect adult life.

How to properly use the backpack

  • According to experts, the weight of the backpack It must not exceed between 10% and 15% of the weight of the child.
  • Should be one upright posture. To try to counteract the weight of the backpack carrying the trunk forward may cause pain in the middle and lower part of the back.
  • The backpack should be placed more punchy possible back of the child.
  • According to, the length of the backpack should be the same as the trunk of the child. The base must be 5 cm below the waist.
  • It must always be placed on the two shoulders, never on one.
  • It seeks to have many compartments, so weight is better distributed.
  • Preferably, have an adjustable belt at the waist, the more broadband, better.
  • If you have to carry a lot of weight, are suitable the wheeled backpacks. They must be carried close to the body and switch the two arms.