How to Care for Your Garden in the Fall

Compost helps to keep the garden soil healthy.

Autumn is mild and pleasant weather station and a good time to start taking blouses wardrobe. For nature, however, this time means more peculiar changes. The plants begin to go into hibernation stage, a preparation for the colder days of winter. During the fall, they begin to lose leaves.

One of the main cares of this season is watering. Especially in the colder seasons, the plants need to stay hydrated without excess water. We separated some products that can help you take care of your plan this time of year, especially with regard to irrigation and fertilization.

Check out some products that can help you take care of your garden:


Product that produces fertilizer for gardens and vegetable gardens from leaves, twigs, fruit peelings and food scraps. The model available online is 250 liters and is manufactured with 90% recycled material. The composting process is important and ensures a ground filled with natural nutrients and, consequently, for healthier plant growth. The method also helps not to be waste at home and excess waste disposal in landfills, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Blowers and vacuums

The blowers and vacuum cleaners help to collect the cut grass. The device works in two phases: the first plays the broom, blowing the leaves to join them. Subsequently, some equipment aspires to foliage and grass and grind, avoiding thus physical effort to perform the activity.

In addition to the electric models – light and powerful – there are vacuum cleaners and blowers to the battery, which provide more freedom to users, because they do not need an electric point for its operation. With the robust model, the device gasoline is ideal for work in larger areas.

Broom garden

Tough and L-shape wide teeth facilitate the cleanup of garden. Suitable for collecting leaves and other waste from the green space, brooms have models with different sizes of cables and number of teeth. You can sweep the waste once by the broom with more teeth.

Integrated irrigation

The integrated irrigation system is a set of products that work for the controlled and perfect watering. Learn how to operate the systems.