How to Care for a Shirt

Rack-Take care and storage of the shirt, otherwise it may lose its perfect form. Rather than just leave it to the side or fold immediately after ironing hang it on a hanger. Otherwise ironing becomes meaningless after a while you will find that it is crumpled shirt. Not every hanger is suitable for maintaining the shape of the shirt. Avoid metal hangers. Select wider. The most suitable timber or large plastic. Beware of the rack can not project anything that may damage the shirt. Be careful when you put the shirt on the rack. Unbutton Compress it enough because otherwise will stretch too much fabric. Proper storage of the shirt is a guarantee of maximum extension of her life, and the attachment is the last step for its proper preservation.

Fold-When you need to stay tidy and flawless in every situation, you need to think about how to keep their shirts when you’re on the road. In such cases, folding of the shirt may be an alternative to the rack. More compact form saves a lot of space. First, find a flat surface and place the shirt on it. Make sure all buttons are buttoned. This prevents unnecessary folds. Now you are ready to start. Take a shirt with his face to the surface. Fold one side of the shirt, and fold diagonally one sleeve so that it rests against the folded part. Stretch it smooths out all wrinkles. Do the same with the other leg. Fold of approximately 20 cm from the base of the sleeve. Should between the collar and the bottom of the shirt have about 7 cm, fold the part again and tucked between two layers. Then fold the shirt again in two. Once you have done this for all shirts, collect them in a pile and put them aside, possibly in the vacuum bag.

How to collect the shirt into pants -if properly retract shirt in pants, it would contribute much to your good self-esteem and comfort for a job interview, a first date or other formal event. If you do not retract his shirt into his trousers, the result is disheveled and scruffy appearance.And in many cases even to collect the shirt, it is removed from his pants and did not look good.And do not you believe there are ways to solve this problem. Once you have selected a shirt, wear it and buttoned up, then unbutton his pants and lightly straddled so that the trousers remain on hips you. Stretch shirt on his chest, then do folds backwards on both sides of the body so that his shirt tightly to adhere to the torso. Sticking folds lift pants on his shirt without allowing folds to dislodge. Then retract and the front of his shirt into pants and engage. After making sure that the buttons of his shirt are aligned with the belt buckle and zipper, you are ready. This exercise is especially important for rizi-clothing. In tailor-made shirts likelihood be removed is less because they are sewn to your stand as cast.

Pad collar-This is the accessory that most people have not heard or underestimate him. These are small pieces of plastic or metal that are placed in the collar to support it upright. Without backing collar could easily lose its shape, to settle and to smash. In most cases, the pads are doing a good job, but according to how they are treated or what material they are made, and can cause more harm than good. There are basically two types of pads: stitched shirt and these can be removed during washing. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The great advantage of sewn pads that should not removing them and put in washing and ironing. Also, you can not lose them. But they pose a problem during drying and ironing. If you use a dryer may damage stitched pad when it is made of plastic. Heat pad curl and spoil the shape of the collar. The same applies when the iron collar with stitched padding of plastic. This will not happen if the collar can be removed. In this case, however, it is much more likely to lose it.

Sleeves-With the increasing popularity of French cuffs and growing demand for cufflinks. These are some of the most important decorative accessories for men’s dress shirt for formal occasions and are designed to fasten cuffs. They appear in the 17th century as an alternative to silk ribbons, which until then had this feature. Initially cuffs wore only the rich but subsequently cuffs began to produce and cheaper materials and become accessible to a wider audience. They are now popular accessory add style and grace to the wearer. Somewhat hint that the owner pay attention to clothing and trying through him to make an impression. The dimensions and design of the cuffs can vary significantly. The most common are cuffs clip that have a decorative side. Because of its design these links is at least likely to fall when worn and are one of the most convenient slot.You have to wear them with decorative side out. The function of all kinds of links to fasten French cuffs and add style to your appearance.