How to Buy the Sleeping Bag at the Best Price

Ahh, the joy of camping. There’s nothing like the bags and take a trip in the ‘desert’. After a great day outdoors you need to get some sleep, the right sleeping bag can give you a good night’s sleep, the wrong person can ruin an otherwise great vacation.


1 The most important thing to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag is the temperature level. All sleeping bags are sorted down as a temp that will keep you warm. Keep in mind that this is a general number, if you tend to accumulate on the blankets at night, then get a rating to 10 degrees colder, on the other hand, if you like to sleep on the cold side, get a rating of 10 degrees warmer.

2 After meeting the temperature rating you need, you have to decide over the filling. Most modern sleeping bags are available with down or synthetic filling filling. Below will keep you warmer with less filling, on the negative side, however, is more expensive and can bunch during packing. Down also loses your insulating effect if wet. Synthetic filling weighs a bit more, but it’s cheaper and will keep it warm if wet.

3  Way. Sleeping bags are available in ‘ Mummy ‘ shape or in more conventional square (for one or two people). A form of mummy will keep him warm as there is less air for your body to heat. The square shape will allow you to move more easily. If you tend to change position during the night to go to the square shape, you can compensate for this by choosing a sleeping bag rated for the time of 10 degrees colder.

4 Other classification of temperature, filling and form sleeping bags also bear various bells and whistles. For sleeping bags down, it is common to have cameras to prevent filling from shifting. Also available are “soft glide zippers, additional padding and other convenience features.


Be a sleeping bag rated for the coldest temperature that you expect to find

If you’re going to be in a wet or moist area go to synthetic filled sleeping bag, it will keep you warm

Do not buy a sleeping bag based on the softness or cushion effect. Use a pillow to sleep to provide cushioning