How to Buy Shirt for a Suit

In order to calmly respond to any situation, every man must possess five basic shirts in his wardrobe, to its size and quality (guide on that soon).
These shirts are 5 to buy with a classic or Italian collar, not buttoned.

1. A Plain White Shirt

The base base base. It agrees with all your ties, it also goes well under a sweater that only open or closed… well this is the perfect joker when you do not know what to put.

Essential, whether H & M to € 20, Zara (stretch) 40 € or 400 Charvet.

Pictured: a Workshop Private , Double Twisted poplin, single cuffs and slim fit.

2. A Second Solid White Shirt

No need to take the lead: once you have found the good white shirt (right size collar, shoulders and sleeves, fabric not too transparent) take out double.

Nothing gets dirty faster than a shirt white in caring tips, so we tend to often wear…
You will be glad to have at least two in your wardrobe!

3. A Light Blue Shirt United

After the white shirt is the most versatile.
Take away light blue rather than dark to avoid having problems when there married a tie…

Pictured: a Workshop Private , Double Twisted poplin, single cuffs and slim fit.

4. A Plain White Shirt With French Cuffs

There are occasions when you have to let speak swagger. Social evening, cocktail, maintenance at Goldman Sachs … it’s time to pass the cufflinks in the cuffs
A white shirt is ideal for this kind of Occasionally, and will always be used in case the liners 1 and 2 are dirty … (to avoid the same every day to conserve power cufflinks, unless you work in investment banking).

Pictured: a Private Workshop , poplin Double Twisted, musketeers and cut wrists adjusted.

For simplicity, I recommend buying all the other shirts in single cuffs 1 or 2 buttons.

5. A Simple Motif Shirt


Not a flowered shirt, not a Parker Lewis shirt … your first shirt design must be basic: regular patterns on white or blue background.

Pictured: a Workshop Private fine, Double Twisted stripes, simple cuffs and slim fit.