How to Apply Decorative Wall Sticker

You there on the other side waiting for the video of  how to apply a decorative wall sticker, attention: is leaving the post with class.

Have you seen the Open Package with Mudo Minha Casa products? You see, right? And I knew I’d come here to show you how to install the sticker. Here I am.

I prepared the video lesson, so that you lose your fear and who knows how to apply yourself in your home.

See the video

Well let me tell you this was my first time too. What did I do?

I went to the Mudo Minha Casa website and read the tips given by them, which are well explained. Click here and see also. With them in the box, I faced the wall and “whatever God wants”. Wants to know?

I found it very easy. Of course in the beginning I wrapped up a little bit, normal, right, but I got the hang of it and it went fast. Look, the decorative sticker that from I tested was full of little pieces, little bits and little birdies.

Even where I went wrong, it was easy to fix and you do not even notice. What else is cool?

It’s that the stickers give us the freedom to explore them and apply them to the wall in the way that we understand. I admit that I did not think I would like it so much, but once applied, I fell in love.

I’m very sorry to go in there and look at that wall that is now inspiring me to add other creative and creative details.

Oh, on the site they give you tips on how to choose the style that suits us best and also explain that if you want to remove it is even easier. Just use a hair dryer to warm and soften the glue, pull and then wipe the wall with alcohol.

Look at the site usage suggestion.

Now, then, we can change the decor without breaking it or getting dirt from paint.


Do you know the Mudo Minha Casa catalog? Have you seen the tiles? For two minutes to fall in love too.

Do not forget that I also received, to test, a wallpaper, and will have more class of how to install. Antennas connected, okay?