How to Activate The Mode Your Chromecast Invited

With the new version of the application of Chromecast It’s over that’s having to be giving our Wi-Fi password to our friends and family so that they can send content to our TV.

With the new Guest mode of Chromecast already it won’t lack mobile devices and the Chromecast are connected on the same WiFi network. Now thanks to the Geolocation and authentication by ultrasonic our Chromecast will detect which devices it nearby and want to connect.

Guest mode

Anyone can establish a connection to our Chromecast without connecting to our Wi-Fi network only have to open the application of Chromecast (version + 1.9), go to the section Devices, Select the Chromecast we want to configure and activate the new Guest mode. Once activated the application will show us the current Four-digit PIN.

Our friends no only have to connect to our Chromecast almost as they would if they were connected to our wireless network. Thanks to geolocation devices will detect there a Chromecast closely and displayed in their applications the Cast button. When they click on Cast already ask them authorization to use the microphone to connect through authentication by ultrasound. If ultrasonic authentication fails the application already ask them manually enter the four digits of the PIN.