How Much Did Beyonce Wedding Dress Cost

After years of waiting, here are the first photos of Beyonce wedding dress that she married three years ago with colleague Jay-Z. in reality, however, no details of her marriage had never been revealed: the ceremony was in fact held in New York and was heavily fortified, confirming that even a celebrity, when he wants to maintain the privacy we can succeed. Now that the singer is pregnant has decided to make public her dress, in a short video in which is framed and dress before the wedding. How about? Are you curious to see what he chose Beyonce?

The video “I was here” was created by the singer for VEVO: so you can admire a very short excerpt in which you see her wedding dress. It is said that the dress is the work not of a famous fashion designer, but rather of the same mother Beyonce, as revealed by Ty Hunter, the stylistof singer. the singer has in fact recently introduced the dvd Elements 4 Beyonce-Live at Roseland in which, in addition to the songs there are also clips of his private life that he wanted to show the public. “I wanted to produce something intimate, that would show who they are, to see parts of me not public,” said the singer. The DVD also contains the images of when, at age 9, was rejected by a contest: “But I was not ready, I still had to practice,” he says now.

From the few images that the singer has disclosed is known as the ‘dress is very classic and very much in line with the taste of the American who prefer dresses with bodice, draping and full skirts. Also available are the train, which makes this dress , basic very simple, even elegant and chic. Beyonce and her husband have nonetheless shown that even the VIPs of their caliber, can very well defend privacy by prohibiting photographers to approach and capture such intimate moments of one’s life!