How Many Combinations of Shirts and Pants

What every woman should have in her wardrobe is a shirt. Very simple – with buttons without any prints, with or without pockets. And if it seem boring or outdated, does not invest enough imagination.
This plain shirt could be combined with so many other clothing from our closet, so will not only look stylish, but it will be really relevant.


The best thing is the shirt that you could combine it and render it suitable for any look – out with friends for a workshop for party , for a walk. Everything in fashion is a matter of an appropriate combination.

The first proposal includes a large and massive metal bracelet slim cut trousers or skirt above the knee and shirt. Her sleeves rolled to the elbow, if you want put in her colorful vest and shirt buckle to the middle of the bust. Should put massive bracelet and puting pants or skirt, you might choose a dark shade.

White Shirt

If you want something simple and everyday – put jeans, add a colored scarf neck and your everyday outfit is ready. You can put a piece on top shirt and pants – choose them in different colors. Great looks white shirt you have left over pants, and at the top you have added a few colorful accents – necklaces, pearls, etc.

For the colder months white shirt combines a great sleeveless sweater, and why not with bodice, which is tailored combination with a long cardigan is also suitable. You can be relevant and in the workplace – shirt combined with a jacket or cardigan appropriate. Not necessarily combination is black and white – breaking stereotypes with a colorful brooch.

Matching Shirt

Another spectacular proposal is to add a belt under the bust, and if the shirt is long enough put a wedge or cigarette pants, colorful shoes that complement the belt. And to complete your vision put a jewel in your hair – interesting tiara, scarf, etc.

If you want to put shorts note that the shirt must be broad, not you. It is suitable and the combination with dress and shirt underneath.

But if you want to be really topical buy transparent shirt in a bright color and then combined with garment in a pastel shade. The shirt is a garment that can be combined with everything – with shorts and skirts, jeans, leggings even if the debt.

The classic shirt you can wear with sneakers as suggested by, low shoes with sandals with high-heeled shoes – it’s all about combination. If you still have not bought a shirt, do it during the summer – bet on linen fabric. While you will have to iron it.

But this he sees the end – young American entrepreneurs soon created the first shirt that does not wrinkle, no need for washing and emits no odor of sweat. At this stage yet gone into free circulation.