Four poster beds

With four-poster beds, you can sleep like the Royals of the middle ages

A four-poster bed represents a normal bed, which has however extended post on all four corners. For one, the so-called sky is mounted on this post and are also curtains to the sides of the bed around. This model type of bed is a long known and was a proven way of sleeping in the middle ages. In this bed the existing heat could be held by the curtains better in the vicinity of the sleeping, as also the poster offered a higher degree of privacy. These two reasons were critical in the middle ages why prevailed these beds. Today, this model is no longer bought for these reasons but above all the cozy feel of the bed. The four-poster bed almost only in households is also found, that are headed by a woman. Of course they prove popular among children, because girls have a Princess-like feeling, if they sleep in such a bed. At the time of the middle ages when it was the four-poster beds, above all, expressed to bring the social status with this bed. Therefore they were often embellished of all dimensions. Today the bed should like also, but is so much more material and colors. A high-comfort, which is guaranteed as a four-poster bed conveys a feeling of security is more important.

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