Café And Restaurant Lighting

Caravaggio in Ascona und New York

We want to continue to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, but have scored longing for fresh mountain air. For this reason, our journey now takes us to Switzerland. Located at Laggio Magiore In Restaurant Seven Easy in Ascona, we will find it. While we enjoy a pizza Verace from the wood stove, we offer a view of the modern interior wander. Here we come excited to hanging lamp Caravaggio in Black. The interior designer Bernd Haller has succeeded here a successful combination of modern and rustic elements. Resorting When restaurant lighting on Caravaggio by Cecilie Manz gives the atmosphere a cool, contemporary look. In addition to natural materials such as wood and stone, this lamp is particularly confident and chic.

The pendant lamp Caravaggio the brand Lightyears, because of its characteristic lampshade of drawn steel a high recognition value. The bell-shaped shield protects the eyes against possible aperture and are still a lot of direct light. The details on the top round off the balanced and high quality lighting design. By the second, the top-side opening, also occurs at this point subtle brightness from, thus the silver suspension and the red textile cable is subtly emphasize.The clear, Scandinavian design language of Caravaggio is by the clear color scheme-further underlined-it is available in black, white and gray. Not only because the lamp is available in five sizes, they can be integrated in different situations. Her classic look makes it a versatile hanging lamp. Probably Caravaggio is therefore an internationally popular model for the café and restaurant lighting. In New York’s Nolita we come back on another device concept that appreciates the Caravaggio as a central element. The interior design in the French restaurant Tartinery has a chic industrial style and integrates a tree and a fireplace. Caravaggio blends perfectly with this roughen yet cozy environment.

Nordic Restaurant Lighting With Mingus and Orient

Back in Europe, we are looking at a pearl of skaninavischen designs. In The Standard in Copenhagen meets good taste in contemporary design. Nordic cuisine and décor can be enjoyed at the Havnegade synchronization with music from the jazz club here – a thoroughly sensual experience. The harmonious interior was designed by the designer duo GamFratesi and is a prime example of Scandinavian understated and modern restaurant lighting. Clear and breezy act the premises without letting it rise coolness. This is the many details, thanks to the concerted elements and the skillful combination of contemporary and classic design. An essential component carrying the selected lighting models in the successful atmosphere at The Standard. Depending on the area here changes the restaurant lighting, so, a different mood generated. In addition to the model Mingus by Cecilie Manz comes with the Orient also a classic of modern European styles used. For the pendant lamp Mingus Danish designer a unique look is achieved. The design builds on traditional forms and transferred them skillfully in the present. This is a straightforward, simple night lights, which is ideal for energy-saving lamps. The shield is made of aluminum and is covered in white, Nearly Black and four other pastellig-shades available. The upper part of the lamp is flat and equipped with a holder made of acrylic, which makes the light shine through. Mingus was unsophisticated and unexciting broadcasting. Pendant Lamp Orient continues with its copper surface and the soft-curved screen in this Scandinavian-cool ambient contrast a warm accent. It has in addition to a perfectly-shaped design also has good light efficiency. The pendant was done in 1963 by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup. Today this timeless designer lamp is faithfully produced by Lightyears again. The organic design harmoniously combines the natural appearance of copper with a top made of rosewood. It is available in two pendulum sizes with 22 or 34 cm diameter. The exclusive and warm charm of the Orient enriches facilities of various cafes, restaurants and hotels around the world.

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