Home or Rental Apt: Tips for Decorating

Do you have a house or rent? Wallpapers, stickers, posters, mirrors and other accessories help renovate the walls and can completely change the decor of your home without spending much. Carol Moré, from the partner blog Follow the Colors has separated a lot of tips, check it out!

Home Or Rented Apt, Tips To Decorate!

Decorating the house is no easy task. There are countless decisions to leave your corner with your face: reforms, choose the perfect color of the paint, finishes, furniture and accessories that make up the environments.

We know that a lot of people are looking for quick and efficient ways to give a makeover without spending too much, and one of the biggest desires is to make the rooms more colorful and fun.

But when do you live for rent? Or do not you want to change the color of your wall using paint? That’s where some alternative options come in, such as stickers, posters, mirrors, plants, and wallpapers.

Frequently used for practicality and for giving the house an original touch, these ideas go well with any environment: kitchen, dining rooms, living rooms, office, bedrooms and even toilets.

With that in mind, Follow the Colors has selected tips on how to customize the rooms using these easy-to-apply, cost-effective materials with designs to suit all tastes.

House or rental apt: decorating with wallpaper

They are a good choice for rooms and rooms, for those who like custom spaces. The distinctive colors, textures and designs guarantee a wide variety for all tastes.

For each space, it is good to analyze the prints and take into account the decoration style of your house as a whole.

Tip: in case of smaller rooms, the good thing is that the print is also small so it does not seem that the space is even smaller. One suggestion that lessens the chances of mistakes is to use the product in only one wall.

Traditional wallpaper is recommended for dry environments and cleaning can be carried out easily with a damp cloth.

If you’re more adventurous, you can mix two prints in the same room. Of course, that carefully: use the same shades of colors or mix something like flowers and stripes.

The cool thing is that you can apply the stickers yourself and when you have to return the property just remove them. A very easy tip to do this is to heat the sticker with a hair dryer. And the best: if you ever get sick, you just have to withdraw and apply another one!


Stickers are a good request to customize the decor and they fit almost every occasion.

The place to apply them should be chosen with care, as usually the designs are linked to some theme. They look cool in baby rooms, offices, kids room.

The print should follow the style of your home and still harmonize with the rest of the decor. To complement, you can use posters, pictures and photos.

Toilets, lavatories and laundries should not be forgotten when decorating. Nothing better than the material because of the humidity! The adhesives made of PVC are ideal for humid environments as they are washable with detergent.

Is the kitchen unattractive? Put a vinyl tile that everything will solve. The refrigerator can also earn a lot of fun!

House Or Rented Out: Mirrors

The mirrors can be glued to any smooth wall and decorate any room.

Besides the aesthetic part, the mirrors can enlarge the environments. They give an extra “up” on the walls, especially if they are used in small rooms.

Home Or Rented Rental: Posters

They go well in any environment. Today it is no longer necessary to make numerous holes in the wall. There are hooks hangers, you can use clipboards and even hangers like frames!

Choose your favorites, buy from different stores, print the free ones that exist on the internet and make several compositions on the walls or shelves!

House Or Rented Accommodation: Plants

The green inside home brings freshness, more life, and still breaks the weight of dark colors. A plant within an environment can stay on the floor or even in a pot over the sink.

It is worth decorating with ornamental plants, fruit trees, terrariums, vases with flowers and what else you like.

If you do not get too much sun or do not have a lot of garden skills, opt for species that do not need as much light or water as cacti and succulents (which, by the way, look beautiful in cups, cans and other colorful vases!)

They are sure to refresh the environment and complete the decor!