High Tech: Technology Trends for 4 Watches

As well as mobile phones, earning more and more functions with the advancement of technology, the clocks also follow this trend, modernizing the features they offer. So, today you can find a wide variety of models that do more than just tell the time.

The so-called smart watches – or high tech watches – as well as multifunctional, also have more modern designers and more sophisticated materials. In this way, several brands have launched new models that promise to surprise consumers. So, we list 4 technological trends for watches for you to watch when you’re choosing your. Check out:

Solar battery for more durability

The concern with the durability of batteries of watches has been around for some time. So, even a little older models already possessed mechanisms to ensure that the batteries need to be replaced very often. Now, however, the idea is still more daring.

The iWatch – Apple – Smart Watch, for example, is being developed with a technology that allows solar recharging without need of battery. However, you will find this economy through models with solar battery. The model Casio G-Shock Digital, is the perfect choice, because it has that kind of battery, in addition to being waterproof.

Materials resistant to water and dust

You may even be thinking that the waterproof technology is not new. However, it is noteworthy that the alternatives to leave but tough watch models have evolved constantly. Contemporary models as the Casio G-Shock Gulfman, specially designed for use at sea, are proof that evolution of smart watches.

Information that helps in your practice

Athletes, whether professional or amateur, generally resort to their watches to mark the time of a race, for example, and so check on your performance. Through new technologies the market has offered models that allow even check the heartbeat, managing better performance during physical activity.

In addition, the bracelets and watches viewfinders that help in training have been made with materials more resistant, because they consider the sweat during practice, the possibility of rain and other sudden changes in climate – factors that can damage conventional materials. In this way, an ideal model for the practice of exercise, especially running and swimming, is the Casio SGW-100-1VDF , which has a dual temperature sensor and direction readings – in addition to being waterproof.

Super-tough material

It is worth mentioning that the technological innovations for the clocks not always will be linked only to features, but can also be super-tough material. That’s because anything will supermodernas features, if the model does not have good durability. So, new technologies take into account not only the visual and innovative features in the parts, but the comfort and resistance of all components. According to Theeliteswatches.com, the iWatch, for example, has curved glass screen, which is much more resistant than the common. Models like the Bulova, which is made of stainless steel and silver bracelet, practically a piece of jewelry that will last for a long time.

Technological advances promise many new features for consumers. Just like computers, tv sets and mobile phones, accessories that also rely on intelligent systems and thus have become increasingly beautiful accessories. In addition, new features such as voice command, information about performance during physical activities and super-tough material, give even more modernity to high tech watches.

Which of these technological trends for watches you find most useful? Identifies any more? Tell us in the comments and complete our list.