Helmet Marshall Major Pitch, A Retro Look For A Modern Sound?

At the end of the cardboard is very 70s, the design of the object is original and very friendly and clearly distinctive vintage, the finish seems very good.

Equipment provided is reduced but sufficient, aadapter 3.5 mm/6.35 mm, an adapter neutral stereo Jack, that’s all. No extension but the headset being partially spiral cable, it is not justified.On the other hand, a small pocket of transport would not have been too much.

The arch is covered with a rather qualitative fabric dark blue denim , and found on the headphones the typical vinyl coating of amplifiers that have made the reputation of the mark. Note-discreet-signature of the creator of the brand on the inner part of the arch.

The fastening system, although only ingenious and practical, seems a bit light for a good performance in time. The cable, a good length, so with the spiral system, includes a remote controlfor use with a mobile phone with functions pause, on-off andtrack skip. The contact on the ears is closed (too?), the helmet is in place, and you can adjust the tracking force precisely.

For the listening session, let’s my Cowon J3 faithful and my files to theformat Flac, an audio compression format that I recommend. On the Caribbean of Tony Hunter (disk Mizikopeyi) jazz restitution isfluid, with a good balance of frequencies, even if there is a slightly low. The dynamic is not great but the music flows quietly with agood layering of instruments.

Passing to the jazz, the rendering of the bass on the album “music box” Caratini and Fosset confirms a slight lack of extension in the bass, but we keep a nice range of sounds. On most electric music, “set them free” Caecilia Norby in the present case, the Marshall is more comfortable, dynamic appears strangely more assertive, more obvious listening.Obviously the Marshall prefers the surge of electric guitars to the acoustic sound, which is not surprising given his DNA. This is confirmed listening to the song “I Will remenber” of the band Toto, everything is in place, pulse good, the sound is not crushed.

We will conclude this test phase with the “in your wild Garden” of Joséphine Gronholm, Marshall gets with honors the rich voice of the singer, avoiding the pitfall of simplifying to the extreme, we don’t sulk his pleasure. Note that if the’ insulation seemed very correct to reasonable listening level, the pressure on the ears during long duration listening is a little tiring.

In the end, considering its reasonable price, its flattering finishing and sound qualities, the balance sheet is largely positive. The Marshall Major headset is a good choice for lovers of rock or other dynamic music, as smartercomputing says. It seems to me however month indicated for listening to acoustic jazz or classical music.