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With optimized training heart rate watches

With a heart rate monitor, you can best optimize their training and adjust their focus of training. Pulse watches offer a variety of functions in the meantime. The setting of the use sex is one of the basic functions. Because only through this setting, an optimized adaptation is possible on their training. Heart rate monitors < br > are particularly popular in endurance sports. You can document not only the distance travelled, but also their average speed and average calorie consumption. Of course the pulse watch gives the values of their pulse a comprehensive overview. Both your resting heart rate, as well as her active pulse and important high and low values are documented through them professionally. An important area of application is therefore in running training. Whether to prepare on a marathon or for the daily fitness. The heart rate monitor is a professional accompaniment to optimise training. There are heart rate monitors < br > now in many colors and designs. This fashion colors include purple, light blue, grey. However, not only fashion colors available on the market, but also colors such as, for example, blue are green, red and yellow, and many more. Choose your HR monitor in their favorite color. Look right even in our range and find the appropriate heart rate monitor to her training outfit. < Br > the functions of a heart rate monitor are very different from manufacturer to manufacturer. When purchasing a heart rate monitor, it is however to note what features they need for their training. The price of a heart rate monitor is always dependent on their functions. A heart rate monitor has more functions, the more expensive it is common. Therefore check before buying what they need. This avoids unnecessary Fehlkäufe or also a difficult operation due to unused functions. < Br > maximum measurement is one of the important functions of the HR monitor. This feature can warn them within their training when they exceed the limit of your pulse. This pulse limit you set previously individually independently and can customize it to their training purposes. The warning of the pulse watch is both through a Visual, as well as by an audible signal, so you can customize your training immediately.

Functional polar heart rate watches for her best training buy

A polar heart rate monitor accompanies them during their fitness training very individually and professionally. In just a few steps you can customize polar their pulse watch this on their training and their physical, so that it becomes their personal and individual fitness Companion. < Br > to the standard functions of polar heart rate watches include, setting the heart rate, as well as their measurement and analysis of the average and maximum values within the entire training period. Still, heart rate monitor polar warn its users exceeded maximum training values with a Visual and acoustic alarm so that the training can be adapted again the most successful training values. One can continue polar heart rate monitor them show their calorie consumption and their training load. Through data archiving within the polar heart rate monitor is still the possibility of this training in just a few steps on your computer to transfer data. To do this, many have polar heart rate watches a USB connection to transfer data on all common computers. < Br > to basic clock features a polar heart rate monitor includes an adequate lighting, so that is possible to use in the dark. The date and day of the week display also enables the training data, to associate and to determine a course of success based on the training diary and document. Heart rate monitors can still use polar also in different languages, so the Displayteste both on German, English, French, Spanish, can appear often Italian or even Finnish. The language selection is very different among the different manufacturers. The key lock of the pulse watch ensures the safety of their data within their training. So are their data even when bumps against the polar heart rate monitor not changed or affected. Another very important function like in other watches is also the alarm and wake-up function, so they can use their polar heart rate monitor also in the everyday life with the alarm and wake-up function and thus, for example, also remember important dates. They want more information about a particular polar heart rate watch, then check our offer and enjoy the rich assortment. The proper polar heart rate monitor, it will be for them.