Hannspree Sportwatch, Raising The Bet by The ‘Wearables’ Economic

Hannspree is another of those minority manufacturers struggling to gain a foothold in the market of mobile devices. Without becoming crazy, gradually releasing very economical cutting devices the guys from the Taiwanese company van populating your catalog, which also fit the wearables as that today we present.

The Hannspree Sportwatch It is the first foray of the manufacturer in the market of smart watches, betting in this case by a basic digital clock which features of quantifier physical activity.

We are talking about a device designed in two parts, on the one hand a traditional bracelet plastic materials, and on the other element of hardware that can be removed and placed on the bracelet easily.

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Watch part one screen OLED monochrome 0.68 inches, chipset ARM Cortex M0 at 1.6 GHz and sensors to quantify our physical activity and our quality of sleep, as well as compatibility and Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 to link both Android as iOS devices.

Likewise, a vibration motor has been incorporated so Hannspree Sportwatch can notify us directly the smartphone events or alerts configured, all with resistance to liquids that ensures the use in virtually any condition.

50 mAh battery promises a range of 5 to 8 days, and its price around EUR 35 will surely become an attractive option for those looking for a basic and simple to use quantifier.