Hand creams

Hand creams – for delicate and manicured hands

The use of hand creams in particular in times that make a regular Händewasche, is an absolute must. The skin of the hands is always massive claimed and dries out very easily. Chemicals in cleaning products do the rest to strain in itself delicate skin of the hands. In the worst case, the skin on the fingers and the Palm becomes brittle or even blow it up. Because the hands are constantly in use, such injuries can be very painful, but an obstacle in any case. The regular application of nourishing creams for the hands, particularly after every hand washing should be according to the routine. If the skin on the hands is just broken, it takes usually a long time, until it is fully healed.

Hand lotions are offered in different textures and scents. We carry an extensive selection of perfumed and neutral. Depending on the hands with a good cream be maintained regularly, the better they look. And because the hands is now a kind of business card of each person, very great emphasis should be placed on the hand care. Small, cute decorated tubes can beautiful accessory on the writing or coffee table be placed as and are thus not only always at hand, but also a zierendes element. Thanks to the varying quantities of hand creams is ensured that always a small tube into the pocket or handbag can be carried. A larger tube should be located at each sink. In this way, the care of the hands with a great cream can never fall into oblivion.