Hand Chain: Put the Ring Finger in Chains

You can summer accessories – what can designers such as Roberto Cavalli, long. Try filigree hand decoration in the form of a hand chain. Ring and bracelet in a give each of your outfits an exotic touch.

Hand chain: put the ring finger in chains

Why always only ordinary rings and bracelets. create, decorate the hand? With a hand chain 2014 also adorn the back of your hand and place it with precious metals such as gold or silver in scene. The hand chain finds its origins in ancient Egypt, where slaves typically wore a strap connected with a ring–therefore also the today muted slave bracelet is derived.

Grand entrance for the back of your hand

Hand chain are 2014 again the trend. Whether filigree, delicate or opulent and striking, what is special is that one or more rings through a chain with a strap are connected, much like the ear cuff. The connection chain can also consist of several chains or be decorated with special decorative elements-in any case as she stands in the Center. Certain items may recur within the hand chain: for example, a Silver Flower dangling on the bracelet part a similar flower can adorn the ring.

So wear the hand chain

Usually, the ring of a chain over the middle finger is placed, so that the chain directly in the center of the group is in place and is so perfectly to advantage. To wear them with her flamboyant nature, reminiscent of traditional henna paintings the hand chain and is guaranteed to be a real highlight of your outfits. Especially in summer 2014: with short-sleeved tops, dresses, and last but not least on sun-kissed skin. Paint your nails in a matching color to complete the overall impression. But waive additional jewelry and steal the show, not the special statement bracelet so.