Halloween Costumes: Safety Tips

Many kids dress these days of monsters, vampires, witches, mummies… But for the Halloween costumes you must also take into account safety tips, so the party is complete and there are scares only in the famous “trick or treat”.

Though they are last minute homemade costumes, whether they are costumes purchased, we have to look at the child’s safety is guaranteed. To this end we will consider the following points:

  • The costumes have to be homologated, have passed security checks. Costumes for children are considered a toy so it must meet the requirements of security marking with the rules and include in your label the CE mark, the recommended age, warnings on their use and the identification data of the manufacturer of the product.
  • But as we know that many dangerous products reaching the market, we still have to check that it is in perfect condition and have no hazardous components.
  • Costumes should not wear lace-up in the area of the neck or buttons or other dangerous components which can lead to suffocation. Infants are particularly susceptible to this risk, but older children could also be damage.
  • The masks are one of those plug-ins more dangerous for the children. We must verify that holes for breathing masks and masks are large enough, as well as openings for the eyes. Complete masks that cover the entire head are very suitable for children, since they can cause them to heat, suffocation…
  • What painting for makeup be suitable for the child’s skin, skin-specific and does not cause allergy, skin irritation… So the paintings must be non-toxic and hypoallergenic, but in any case we will test before painting on the hand or arm, painting a small piece and observing the reaction. Also then have to remove the makeup properly.
  • He is recommended to choose non-flammable materials, preferably cotton, to avoid further allergic reactions, and keep children away from any source of heat (heaters, flares,…). Many of the costumes recalled each year are for failing to meet the conditions of flammability.

Taking into account these safety tips for Halloween costumes, extrareference.com is sure that you will spend big and small monsters, witches and vampires, more. Happy Halloween night!