Hair dye

Briefly change with hair dye hair color

Many women like to use a hair dye your own hair color to change for a few nuances. In contrast to the hair dye it must be not touched, it consists of a component. By the way, the structure of the hair is not damaged because the color just outside settles on the hair. Tints are also washable and they don’t have out like after a hair coloring, grow. An intense tint holds about eight weeks, while a normal hair tint be removed already by a few washes. Already, color reflexes can be achieved with a Tönungsshampoo. A Tönungsshampoo is recommended for a special evening, when a long-term effect is not required.

For a hair dye a tint foam at home is used like also. The foam spreads well in the hair and does not drip. The processing time is approximately 20 minutes. Similarly, with the Tönungscreme, also this exposure time according to the color intensity is approximately twenty minutes. Should sound means the hair look, then you will find the appropriate shampoos, creams, or also tint foam in a wide selection on offer here. You can still cover gray hair with a tint. Gray hair can be covered only with an intense colour.