Gucci Evening Dresses

The 2015 collection of gowns from Gucci ceremony is characterized by a sophisticated and innovative style, a line in which moods are adapted to different creations on the red carpet can not miss. The Italian fashion house, one of the most popular by fashion victims and the stars around the world, offers a wide selection of long dresses, short and more features midi forms with original details.

Like collections such as vestments Carla Ruiz for 2015, Gucci also choose to reward in his line bright airy colors and shapes. The big fashion houses often choose to dare revisiting the classic canons of elegance, and this is what Gucci does with his proposals, in 2015, innovative leaders in high-quality materials made more special thanks to inspired elements 60s and 70s.

The long dresses of the classic Gucci collection are also on sale on the official website of the red summer dresses – in which online shop you will find the prices of each end-in versions with total black long skirt and bodice slipped reptile from interwoven bands, as well as in the variants satin with sleeveless detail bare back. To get noticed in the Resort collection this year were especially dresses midi skirt from which stops below the knee.

As you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, there are plain in typical spring shades like orange, light green, yellow, sherbet, turquoise and pink powder, versions with opaque bodice or neckline often more pronounced front made more chic thanks to pleated skirts and jewel details. In the wake of collections such as Dior gowns for 2015, Gucci also gives the charm of the printed motifs, floral patterns like those of the famous series Flora and plots more features sixties style.

On the catwalk during Milan fashion week appeared formalwear well as eccentrics, models characterized by long slits dizzy down her thighs, plunging necklines and bodices accentuated by translucent mesh sleeves alternating with laminated panels, paintings dedicated to the fashion victim who love to wear inspired leaders the latest trends.

In the field of short dresses are delicious skater dress with full skirt, bodice with models in patent leather, printed dresses in 70’s style made of crepe silk and versions combined with embroidered bodice and skirt slipped in contrasting tones. I like the gritty style of the 2015 collection by Gucci?