Growth in the Speed of Light

Would you do a tally which most commonly used noun Roger Karner, is likely to be the “LED”. “By 2020, about 75 percent of the global lighting market are based on LED technology”, predicts the CEO of Philips Lighting for the German-speaking countries. There are currently 25 percent. “The speed is a challenge.” Every six to nine months, there are new products that could more than their predecessors. The word ‘Revolution’ leads the Austrians in conjunction with the digitisation of the light as well like as “LED” in the mouth.

For example, when he his iPad takes Cong lounge, in the middle of Hamburg’s HafenCity with views of the river Elbe, in the upscale Thai in the hand, wipes on the display, and the ceiling is suddenly not a reddish light, but bluish. HUE is the Philips product to the digitisation of domestic lighting. “Light scenarios” were programmed: for reading or for on the sofa relaxing according to INCREDIBLEFLASHLIGHT.COM.

Interactive lighting, such as in LivingShapesis leading the way for the Philips man. OLED in a mirror respond the movements of the observer. The flat OLED offer hitherto unimagined possibilities for interior designers in Karner’s eyes: in addition to the spot light the LED there surfaces now soft, light, instead of Sun also heaven.

The business objectives with the light less and less on the sale of individual lamps and lightings, but more and more complete “lighting solutions”. For example, could stores increase sales with correctly the light and hospitals released patients average a day earlier.

Philips Lighting planners deliberate with the Abbot of the monastery of Einsiedeln, as the LED light for the emotionally different situations Sunday, baptism, wedding and funeral service can be controlled appropriately.

The topics of energy saving, climate protection, urban growth play an increasingly important role.”Everywhere, we can make our contribution.” With LED technology. Street lights could light up weaker, if the street is deserted, more light there during rush hour or in bad weather.

Highlights of Philips year include the illumination of the monastery in Einsiedeln, the Empire State building in New York City, which consumes only as much energy as nine iron, and the lighting of the roof of the Berlin Sony Center for the Manager.

The future looks Karner in innovative business models: the company provides municipalities in Vista, they will save electricity and many euros for maintenance with the new, Smart lighting.

The world’s largest provider of light has set the course for the future. Where goes the way it makes the Manager however no doubts: “We grow,” he says confidently and in a good mood: “, stronger than the market.”