Gossip Girl Dresses Blair Waldorf

According to denim dress for Leighton Meester on the set of Gossip Girl and this time we can be very safe that it is a creation Vera Wang, as a bit ‘all actors have appointed the designer and the sign of her boutique is ticked in beautiful view in more than one shot. Still not convinced? The episode is the 5 × 11 and the final confirmation gives you the same designer appearing in a cameo! By the way the dress is wonderful, let’s look better!

Some time ago we commenting on the beautiful wedding dress that will show off Blair Waldorf for the ceremony-which still do not know who will be the male lead!-, A fabulous dress that but I think it looks good compared to this. I hope not to be at risk spoiler, anyway advance you that the beautiful Leighton Meester enters the boutique Vera Wang, wearing this beautiful gown pointing out that the designer has created him and made just for her and then here it is, the designer Vera Wang in person sticking out from behind a corner with his long hair blacks! of course, the choice is not random, this year is testimonial Meester for Vera Wang! The fact is that Blair will not wear this dress for weddings, brings to mind too many bad memories !!! Can you believe that? It really is a unique creation and amazing! The only bustier will cost the designer hours and hours of work! What do you think? Which of the two favorite outfits?