Gossip Girl Blake Lively Dresses

Who is one of the latest fashion summer dresses? Blake Lively, which this time is dedicated to Lanvin. E ‘loved by everyone from tele-employees, who adore his character, the blonde and flamboyant Serena of Gossip Girl, the designers, the fashion magazine, who seek everywhere to dedicate the covers of covers, the trendsetters of the world that are looking with increasing interest intrigued by fashion icon choices in grass. Yes, because as far as style Lively does not have to envy anybody. He has taken inspiration from her character? O will have a talented stylist?

Who knows, the fact is that neither when she plays Serena Van Der Woodsen, nor when on break from filming is dedicated to parties and social events, has never just a single hair out of place. Here she is in all her glamor and features a couple of delicious Lanvin shoes that many shoes addicted the envy certainly. It is a pair of horse shoes in a couple ankle booties (which she wears in taupe suede version) and pump shoes perfect for any eventuality.

Imagine them in a business suit in the office, or as a minidress with sequins as well as the wearer Blake Lively (his is the Stella McCartney!) For a night to frolic with her friends! The versatility of this pair of fabulous shoes signed Lanvin made unique by details, asymmetrical cut and the metal heel, also makes them useful and suitable for any eventuality, so as to warrant at least part of the gamble of insane price. The “Lanvin cutout leather pumps” are in fact for sale online on the Mecca of shopping online, Net-a-porter at a price of 690 Euros.