GORE-TEX® – the Technology for Outdoor Adventure

GORE-TEX® listen and you can see ever again. But what is actually behind this innovation that makes so much more pleasant? The Gore-Tex marked products are not only completely windproof and waterproof and highly breathable. About 50 years ago, the chemist Bill Gore founded his company in the basement of his house. At that time he didn’t know that he will contribute to one of the greatest innovations in outdoor sports. The properties of the PTFE composite are decisive factor (elektisch, insulating, thermally stable, friction). For the garment industry a blessing: because the material is waterproof and permeable to water vapor at the same time.

Totally windproof

Those who opt for a wind-proof clothing, kept our skin’s micro-climate and thus providing a feeling of comfort. Often textiles such as for example micro-fibres, some sweetest materials and also woven fabrics considered to be windproof. But not infrequently happens that even a slight breeze penetrates these substances. The result: One feels the chill faster, as you can watch and starts the malaise. Why that is so? The reason that cold wind that blows through the clothing, has a loss of heat. Because a thin layer of air between the body and the clothing. And precisely for this layer, the wind removes the heat one. That did not happen, the clothes must be totally windproof.

Durable water resistance

Do you know that too? It has wet clothes on the body, once the body begins to freeze much faster.This is because that water is a very good conductor of heat. Especially the wet substances escape the heat and that the body quickly even 3 times as quickly as dry substances. GORE-TEX® products are – in contrast to many others who work only with an impregnation – actually permanently waterproofHere, no water can penetrate even under extreme conditions and a prolonged use. But how is this possible? This is due to the special membrane. The pores are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a single water drop diameter. Here, the wetness has no chance to penetrate into the Interior.Even at a high pressure, such as for example when sitting or kneeling, the water on the outside is blocked – and the permanent.

High breathable

Water well and good, but what happens because if you sweat? At this point, the water vapour permeability – so the breathing activity – in the game comes. Because water vapor can diffuse through the small pores from the inside to the outside. This is because that the pores of the garment are approximately 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. So the welding can be – transported freely away from the body and that even with a big physical effort.

The pleasant climate of the body is guaranteed

Gore succeeds not only in theory to convince, but especially in practice. For this reason carry all pieces of clothing (with the GORE-TEX® membranes are equipped) also special GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® warranty. She promises: a permanent function of the membrane – and that even over the lifetime of the piece of clothing.