Google Glass out to Light Again with a Few Changes in The Terms of Use

With such accelerated output of all devices with Android Wear, many have been those who have wondered the path that will be taking Google Glass. There are too many news but maintaining a part interest in this device, although the initial excitement has calmed much.

Everything seems to point to that release is approaching more than many expected, and could be soon. Recently there has been a change in the terms of use, known as the cough that few are normally read, and there are a couple of changes that are worth that highlight.

The first of all the changes is that any mention of “beta” of the device program It has disappeared, something that would only make sense if it were to be launched. Does not have too much sense to affirm that it is a finished product if in the end it is not.

The second change is the relative price, since Google is committed to return part of the money if the device receives any rebate or promotion 30 days after purchase. A very common practice in the company that makes us suspect that these glasses will finally be released to the general public shortly, taking advantage of the boom in sales of the wearables. It is also worth remembering that he was promised that they would come to the public this year, and we hope that you compliance.